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Leicestershire Healthy Tots Programme is an early years health promotion programme designed to encourage settings to promote healthy lifestyles as well as becoming health promoting environments. It was based on the National Healthy Schools model as well as similar tried and tested programmes for under-fives, established in other parts of the UK.


Click here to see the Leicestershire Healthy Tots Toolkit

What's New?

  • Move it - Boom! Get ready to get active. Are you ready for a Rio adventure? Visit Health for Kids to join in the fun.

  • Integrated Review at age two to two-and-a-half. From September 2015, local authorities, health visiting services and early years providers will be expected to bring together health and early education reviews for young children at the age of two to two-and-a-half. To find out more visit www.ncb.org.uk

  • Oral Health Promotion Resource Catalogue - Free Loans. Tooth decay has a major impact on children’s health and wellbeing. For more information and Healthy Teeth leafletss visit Healthy Teeth Healthy Smiles page

  • SEN and Disability in the Early Years Toolkit. 4Children and the Council for Disabled Children (CDC) have produced a toolkit for SEN and disability in the early years. Access the SEN & Disability Toolkit here

  • Updated Leicestershire Healthy Tots Toolkit. LHTP is an Early Years health promotion programme designed to encourage settings to become a health promoting environment. It is based on similar tried and tested programmes for under-fives, established in a number of locations including Bath, London, Nottingham City and Cambridge. The Leicestershire Healthy Tots Programme (LHTP) is pleased to present this updated toolkit (PDF) to support your work in gaining Healthy Tots Status.

  • Whole Setting Review Template This template encourages you to think through and review your setting’s provision for children’s health and wellbeing. The review is organised under ten headings. It suggests a series of questions for self-review, all of which can be edited to suit  your own setting context.  

  • Physical Activity Guide and Resources Healthy Tots has been developed using the learning and ideas from a wide variety of national and local sources. These can be found on the Recourse page under Physical Activity 

  • Nutrition Guide
  • Congratulations to our newly accredited settings.



Physical Activity

Physical activity is an integral part of the day and ensures children’s physical activity needs are addressed.


Healthy Eating

Allowing children to discover healthy eating through a range of activities linked to areas of learning and development.


Emotional Health & Wellbeing

Providing opportunities for children to recognise feelings, and build their confidence. 



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